UI for HP Digital Printer

Presented in 2013, HP Indigo 10000 Digital press is HP's recent innovation. Not only this printer can print works as big as B2 size, and can print up to 6,900 pages an hour. It also features a new, intuitive user interface that simplifies the operation of the press presented on a 19" touch screen. These are icon sets used in a digital priner's UI. These icons and screens are from a diagnostics chapter in this digital printer's UI. The diagnositcs section in this complex system contains customizable tests and indicators, allowing the user a thorough examination of the printers state.

Proffesional icon set includes machine parts and specific actions ans states (see full icon list below)
 Test are presented on the dashoboard alloing the user to run and customize his view
Full icon list as presented in the general styleguide
about the printer
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