SafeBreach is a cybersecurity company that developed a platform that simulates hacker breach methods, running continuous "war games" to identify breach scenarios across network systems. SafeBreach's product is a continuous security validation platform that constantly runs breach simulations on a client's network to theoretically and proactively locate and remediate security issues. Using a library of hacker breach methods called the "Hacker's Playbook" SafeBreach develops potential breach scenarios specific to a client's environment and runs simulations to identify whether or not the security defense systems  that are in place can defend itself. There are thousands of different possible breach scenarios depending on a client's unique network setup. 
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The system's Dashboard reflects the network' s security status, divided to the security moves chosen from the playbook by the user.

The Breach Explorer screen portrays the potential paths a hacker can take inside the user's network. From this screen the user can progress ti a list between two nodes and explore them further. 

This screen allows browsing between available breach methods and seeing the different paths each one takes within the user's network.

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